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How many ADUs can I build?

For a Single Family property, the maximum units allowed is just one.

Can I rent my new ADU? Do I have to rent?

Yes, you can absulotly rent the unit, however there is no law that require you to do so. Many homeowner decide to build an ADU only to host their family members (hens the name Granny flats, in-law suit)

Is the house have to be owner occupied to rent the ADU?

As far as an ADU it is not the case. You can rent the primary address and as well the ADU and us the property as an investment property if you would like that.

Does my house consider Duplex with ADU?

No, The house is still a single family property even though there is an ADU.

For how much can I rent the ADU?

Rent can vary a lot. The address, size, bedrooms, bathroom, yard, and design are only few of the factor that will effect the monthly rent amount.

What is the maximum size for an ADU?

It depends, why? because if the ADU is a converted space that was permitted, for example, a shed or a part of the house, there is no limit to the size of the ADU. So, technically speaking if you had a 3500 sqft shed you can convert it to 3500 sqft new ADU. However for a new contractions ADU, the state-exempt ADU is 800 Sqft minimum (although it's possible to build smaller) and at the maximum is 1200 Sqft. Maximum size for new contractions ADU in Los Angeles city is only 800 Sqft

What is the Maximum height for an ADU?

The Maximum Hight allowed for state-exempt new construction ADU is 16 ft height. However, some cities in California allowed building higher than that. Culver city for example allows to build up to 30 ft height, Los Angeles only 16 ft, and Santa Barbara allows a maximum of 30 ft as long the ADU is not higher than the primary residence.

How many stories can the ADU be?

So there is no right answer to that. as we discuss for state-exempt ADU the maximum height is 16 ft tall. and according to the building code each story have to be at least 7 ft tall which makes building 2 stories ADU mission impossible. However, because the law counts 16 ft from the ground level you can technically dig 2 to 3 feet under street level, which will be enough to build the second story!

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