About The ADU Guru

We Build this Company with one vision, helping as many people as possible to get closer to financial freedom by creating passive income to cover the most basic living expenses.

We believe that once survival is guaranteed, people will be free to do and create. 

Once people stop the fear of survival, progress, caring for others, and contribution will be the norm for everyone.

Our Process

Person Holding Tablet

Step 1 
Choosing the Right contractor

The ADU Guru pre-vet the potential contractors that you'll work with.

Then, connect you with them for free home inspection to create a profitability report.

If the first choice isn't the right one, no worries. We will connect you with the next right fit.

Blue Print

Step 2
Design & Permitting

Once you decided who the contractor you wish to work with is. We will help design the right layout to maximize the ROI, Rent, and Cash-Flow.

Step 3
Construction & Finishing

The ADU Guru will monitor the construction process and make sure that the project will be done to the highest standards

Modern Kitchen

Step 4
Finding Tenants

Our Team will connect you with the best real estate brokers in the area to help you find the right tenants and manage the property for you.

Keys To The New Place

4 Things we Do Differently

1. Working with few Contractors

The ADU Guru is not committed to one contractor. We are committed to you! That means we are always looking to work with better qualified, more affordable contractors to build your ADU with zero issues.

2. No Money Down programs.

 Allow you, the homeowner, to build the entire project without spending anything upfront. Then, once the project is completed, we provide additional 60 days for finding the right tenants. Only once you find the tenants, your monthly expenses start.

3. Zero hassle policy.

Once the project is completed, you can use our zero hassle method for managing properties, or we refer you to the best real estate broker in town to find the right tenants and manage the property.

4. Thinking long term

One unit is a great start, but we are here to help you to think bigger. Once the first units generate income, we will connect you with an external wealth planner to help you create a better future for yourself and your family. Whether you want to build a real estate empire, send your kids to better schools or add a few thousand dollars to your retirement account every month, they will be there to help.


NO Money needed