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We Know How Challenging it is to Save Enough Money to Make Financial Freedom Possible.

As a former CPA and after working for nearly half a decade with homeowners of all ages; We have seen it all.

You've been working hard, making a healthy salary, but between mortgage, car payment, groceries, and the million other expences it can be challenging to save enough money to make investing possible

And this is exactly why we exist. We are committed to helping ANYONE who wants to take their finances to the next level to do so, by building an ADU and getting closer to financial freedom. Regardless if you have 100 dollars or 100 million dollars

We believe once people stop working for survival; Progress, caring for others, and contribution will be the norm for everyone.

We understand that building an ADU is not about having more SQft in the house. It is about taking the next step towards financial freedom and living life by your own rules!

We will meet with you and build a plan so your ADU will fit your life.

Want to maximize your profit? You got it!

Care more about privacy? No problem!

We will be here to make it happen.

From the first phone call with our team, thorough planning to find the right tenants and beyond.

We will be right there for you.

Your ADU will be a reminder that no matter where you are, you can always move closer to living your dream life.


Losing my storage space was my biggest concern, but I was no longer worried after learning that the ADU Guru would give me a shed for free. Especially when I found out that the new unit would make $31,000 a year. And now, what used to be storage space is paying more than half of my mortgage. I know now I made the right decision

Carlos Riviera


"My job wasn't fulfilling, but I couldn't risk quitting, not with two kids.

And building an ADU was exactly what I needed. And they took care of everything for me.

I make a few thousand dollars every month to pay off my mortgage and other expenses. Which gives me the time to start my new career as a graphic designer."

Jenny Mitchell


"I was stuck with my real estate portfolio because it was hard to find an opportunity that would not require me to add money every month to pay off the mortgage and the expenses in today's market conditions. ADU was the way around it. My new unit makes me the same net passive income as four other houses combined."

Doug Davis

The Team Work who Makes your Dream Work


Eli Z Jackson 



BA in Finance, and real estate


With nearly a decade of experience working directly with homeowners and investors in the home improvement industry, I've decided to dedicate my life to empowering homeowners and inlight them with the remarkable opportunity that ADU is providing.


Eve Mitchel  


Cheif Marketing 

BA in Finance and accounting, UCSB

As a former CPA and an entrepreneur, it was evident that most homeowners are struggling regardless of how much they are making.

So I've decided to take my knowledge and experience to create the most straightforward step that most people can take to improve their finances. 


Scott Lea


The Guru

BA in Communication


As a homeowner and a dad to 3 kids, I know firsthand how easy it is to miss out on family time.

I wanted to allow other people the choice. So if they wish to work hard or spend time with their family, they can do it without worrying about the end of the month.

So don't hesitate

Book an appointment today with one of our team members, and take your next step towards Financial Freedom. We will take you the rest of the way.

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