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Our Success stories

What are our customers saying about working with us?

James & Lisa, LA

You are the BEST! There is nothing that my wife and I hated more than paying our mortgage. Every month we had to pay nearly 40% of our salaries to pay our mortgage. I know that this time it sounds so prevalent because people have lost their job and homes, and we should be grateful for having a job and house. But still, we hated it.

We were following the adu market for a while now, and we knew we would do it eventually. But when you called me and explained that we could build 2 units and not 1, we knew we had to do it. Your partner was so meticulous and explained to us the entire process from A-Z, and he went over it in detail, and we figured out that we should have around $3000 every month net income after expenses. 

That is more than our mortgage!! The planning and the construction process went as expected. Noise and sometimes uncomfortable, and the backyard was a mess for nearly 5 months. But it was definitely worth it!  

Today we have 2 amazing tenants (that they helped us find, by the way), and the tenants cover all the expenses plus our mortgage. So we could be more pleased. 

But the best part is that the ADU Guru team is keeping in touch with us and giving us tips on how to manage the unis the right way and expand to our next property.  

Success Stories _ The ADU Guru
The ADU Guru _ Step to Financial Freedom _ Los Angeles
Enrique, Marisela & Juan, Santa Barbara

Thank you, ADU guru, for helping my parents and me in this process. I don’t know what we would do without you. Honestly, before we started the project, we had concerns because it sounded too good to be true. Not I nor my parents could believe that you will help us do the entire project without spending anything upfront. We had few other contractors before you sent your partners, and they all asked us half of the money before they even start the work. But here we are 9 months after and still, we haven't paid anything. 

My parents are pretty old, and they had some bad experiences in the past working with contractors that didn’t show up after taking some of the money or delivering a half-done job. But with you, it was so different. You checked and double-checked with us any small details, and you didn’t let us go until we were delighted with the result. 

And thank you for helping us finding the tenants! Having the unit vacant was our biggest concern, but the real estate agent you referred us to did a great job, and he even rented the unit higher than what we anticipated. The tenants already put the check deposit plus the first month and last month's rent.

I don't think there are any happier people than my parents right now because even after all the expenses, they still make more from those two units than their entire social security and pension combine!

In general, the whole process was easy and smooth, and I would definitely choose them when I buy my own house! 

Angie, Los Angeles

And to think that I almost sold my house. 

A year ago, I inherited my parents' house. My dad passed away, and he left me with the house that I grew up in. Although all the memories in it I couldn’t keep it. My parents did a reverse mortgage 10 years ago, and for me, it means converting the reverse mortgage into a regular mortgage. Because of the house's condition, the rent that we could get for it wouldn’t be enough to cover the mortgage, and I couldn’t afford to pay the remaining amount. 

I already put the property on the market, but the offers were awful and barely covered the mortgage, and I felt that selling the house wasn’t what my parents wanted. So I did some digging, and I found about The ADU Guru and what they do for their clients, and I decided to give them a shot. 

And I’m so glad that I did. Not only they helped me to build the adu and the jadu, but they also helped to renovate the entire house. They guided me through the legal process, all without me needing to paying anything in advance.  

Today I’m renting the two units plus my parent's house. And the income from rent covers the mortgage on my parent's house, the monthly expenses on the adu, the remodeling, and paying off my mortgage in my house. It was such a blessing.  

Now I’m doing the same thing to my own house, so hopefully, by the time I finish my house, I can make 3-4 thousand dollars, and I could afford to use my vacation days and travel with my husband to tour around Europe for few months. 

Bill and Suzi_edited.jpg
Suzi & Bill, San Diego

I wish I knew about adu years ago! 

My husband and I are in our early 70’s, and we live off our social security. It is not a lot, but we worked hard our entire lives, saved some money, and paid off our house. So whatever we made plus our savings were enough. 

Things changed five years ago when we found out that our youngest grandson has down syndrome. That put much stress on our son and his wife, and we started helping out more. And I want to be clear that I love my son to death, but the more we helped, the more money we had to spend, and our savings were depleting faster than anticipated.  

And at the beginning of last year, we saw that we have one more year of savings left. And we had to decide or stop helping my son with his son or finding a way to make more money. We honestly thought about finding a part-time job, but at our age, it isn't easy. 

Luckily a few months later, we saw the ad of The ADU Guru that talked about ADU and how you can build one without coming with any money upfront. 

They told us that we could make almost $5,000 a month from renting the two units when we called them in. It was like an answer to our prayers. Not only will the rent allow us to help our son, but it will also help us to build the savings again. And even be enough for a down payment for my son's first house. 

We were initially reluctant because our house was without any mortgage, but after considering our options, we saw that we should move forward. 

I wanted to thank the entire team for doing such a fabulous job. From helping us to plan to the support during the construction, they were fast and clean. And made sure that everything is modern-looking and durable. I also want to point out the service they provide and how they helped us find a property manager to deal with the tenants and their requests. It was vital that we would not be bothered, and they're doing an amazing job so far. 

Last month, after all, payments and the management fees, we still made $3,100. My husband is now saying that he wishes he knew it years ago. He would retire in his 50’s, but I believe that everything comes at the right time.  

Thank you for being there for us!   

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