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We help homeowners like you to build  additional units, aka ADU & JADU, in your back yard or garage that will raise your property value, generate 40 thousand dollars a year in passive income, and get you closer to financial freedom!




Not Building an ADU or Building it the Wrong Way is Going To Cost You...

Never Starting Out

Doing it the wrong way

  • Missing a potential increase in property value of hundreds of thousands of dollars

  • Your Project drags on for years instead of months

  • Losing tens of thousands of dollars every year

  • Your ADU reduces your property value instead of increasing it

  • Having to work many more years to reach the same level of wealth, if ever, in retirement

  • Spend time and energy running after contractors that never answer

Learn how to avoid those mistakes

What is an ADU?
How Can You Use it to Achieve Your Financial Goals?

Accessory Dwelling Unit, A.D.U, also known as Granny Flats, in-law unit, is a secondary unit that shares the lot with the primary home.

ADU can be new construction, garage conversion, or conversion parts of the living space in the house.

Today in California, homeowners like you have the right to build an ADU and JADU in addition to your main house.

So think about it, by adding those two units and renting them out, you can make thousands of dollars every month in passive income!

It can cover your mortgage, travel, pay off debts, and even help you reach financial freedom and early retirement!

To learn more about ADU and JADU, get our FREE STARTER-KIT

How Can We Help?

Zero Cost out of YOUR pocket

We will do the entire project without you spending a dollar out of pocket.

Once the job is completed, the tenants will pay for it through the rent set forth.

Positive Cash Flow from Day 1

In the Site Assessment, we will figure out the project's feasibility. By the time your ADU is done, you're virtually guaranteed to profit thousands of dollars every month.

Long Term
Peace of mind

The ADU Guru works with the top real estate brokers in the area to help you find the right tenants and manage your new rental units with ease.

“It's been wonderful working with you guys!... 

 Everyone, from the person who answers the phone to the crew in the field, was kind, hard-working professionals. Thank you for always being on top of our project and catering to every single request.” 


Farah Sanei, Sun Valley

"Honestly, It sounded too good to be true, doing this entire project with no money out of pocket. Here I am 9 months since starting, and I still haven't paid a penny!" 


David Shapiro, Orange

"I'm so happy for pulling the trigger! It's been a while since the project was completed, and I can say that building ADU and JADU was one of  the BEST decisions of my life. Today I'm renting my units for more than $2,000 every month!


Carlos Ramirez, LA


What would life look like with all of your basic needs taken care of? 

Waking up in the morning and knowing that you and your family are going to be ok.

And going to work every day is no longer necessary! 

What would you do?

How would you spend your time?

 Travel? Spend time with your loved ones? Create?

Or serving others? 

Freedom at its finest. It is possible and can be attained with The ADU Guru. 

Let us helps you gain financial freedom and help make your dreams come true. 

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